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I first started learning about the world of programming at a young age in secondary school - the subject had only just been introduced to our school, so we were the first year to be taught it. I remember we started learning with Microsoft VBA and Logo to create little quizzes and drawings.

A few years later and I was learning the basics of object-oriented programming at A-Levels using C# for Windows Forms, with MySQL for some data storage and querying. These years really cemented my interest in software, and I knew I wanted to continue education in the field, but not exactly where I wanted to end up...


one of the forms in my A-Level Coursework - can you tell I like blue and grey?

Two years pass, school has come and gone, and I moved on to pursue a degree in Computer Science. The course covered a wide range of topics and technologies; I found myself enjoying a lot of it, despite the move to online-only classes in early 2020. I also learned a lot about what I don't like doing (looking at you, theory of computation). I really just loved the satisfaction of working through problems while writing some code.